Doing someone's hair color, whether it be a complete color change or just a few highlights, can really brighten their day. It is not very often that people take time for themselves, so when I have them in my chair, it's all about them. Even a simple cut can make the worse day turn into the best. I love being a part of that!

My hair expertise includes: Creative Styling, Upstyling, Design with all hair types and textures, Color, Foil Placement, Cutting, Chemical Services, Natural Hair Extensions, etc.

This is a collection of photographs of cut, color, and styling services that I have performed both on location and in the salon. More formal hair styling are shown in my Special Event Portfolio. For examples of the hair extension services, please see the Extensions Portfolio.
Hair & Makeup Design's head stylist is Erin Blakley, Owner of Glass Door Salon & Spa
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